Teaching Experience


In 2023 I was invited to design and teach a seminar at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po). The course, entitled "Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in International Law & Global Politics," was structured as both an introduction to international law and an introduction to gender/feminist theory, drawing from the history of international sexual violence prosecutions to explore broader topics in global politics. I am currently teaching the same class again in 2024.


I am also currently teaching a seminar about international law to undergraduate students at the American University of Paris. This introductory class covers both the history and politics of international law, challenging students to question who benefits from international law and how grassroots/subaltern communities use international law to benefit themselves.


Previously, I taught a two-semester seminar at the London School of Economics in 2020 and 2021. The seminar, entitled "Contemporary Issues in International Relations," used current events to motivate student discussion about IR theory and practice. One group of students enrolled in this course was hybrid; the other group was fully online.


Additionally, in 2022 I worked as a grader at Wesleyan University for the course "Introduction to Human Rights Standards: History, Law, and Practice." This involved giving weekly feedback to students about their work and assessing their performance on a variety of assignments.