Research & Publications


My research focuses on two themes. First, I investigate how different narratives about sexual violence influence the practice & politics of international law. In particular, my research questions how men, transgender women, and people outside the gender binary who experience sexual violence are interpreted or invisibilized by international legal actors. Second, I am interested in broader questions about criminal law & sexual victimhood, focusing on how dominant narratives about gendered violence can actually result in harmful policy choices (for example, regarding prison rape, sex worker rights, and more).


Below is a selected list of my published work; for more, follow me on Google Scholar.




(Re)Constructing an International Crime: Interpreting Sexual Victimhood in the Rohingya Genocide and Beyond, U. Penn J. Int’l Law (forthcoming 2024).


Central African Republic: Re-Imagining the Crime of ‘Forced Nudity,’ in Feminist Judgments and the ICC, edited by Louise Chappell, Rosemary Grey, Kcasey McLoughlin, & Suzanne Varrall (forthcoming 2024).


Queer Genealogies of Victimhood in International Law, in Routledge Handbook of Feminism and International Relations, edited by Catherine Goetze (forthcoming 2024).


A Hopeful Conversation: Overcoming Impunity for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (Roundtable Discussion with Susana SáCouto, Zubaida Akbar, Karima Bennoune, Lisa Davis, & Beth Van Schaack), Proceedings of the American Society of International Law Annual Meeting (forthcoming 2024).


Decolonizing the Corpus: A Queer Decolonial Re-Examination of Gender in International Law’s Origins, 43 Michigan J. Int’l Law 557 (2022).


Expanding the Gender of Genocidal Sexual Violence: Towards the Inclusion of Men, Transgender Women, and People Outside the Binary, 25 U.C.L.A. J. Int’l Law & Foreign Affairs 157 (2021).


Hashtagging Justice: Digital Diplomacy and the International Criminal Court on Twitter, 16 Hague J. Diplomacy 391 (2021).


Disciplinary Sodomy: Prison Rape, Police Brutality, and the Gendered Politics of Societal Control in the American Carceral System, 105 Cornell L. Review 1775 (2020).


Concerns About the Non-Inclusion of Sexual Violence Against Men and Boys in The Gambia v. Myanmar, Opinio Juris Blog (2020).


‘It Ruined My Life:’ FOSTA, Male Escorts, and the Construction of Sexual Victimhood in American Politics, 26 Virginia J. Social Policy & Law 201 (2020).


Gay Male LAT Couples and the Law, in Living Apart Together: Legal Protections for a New Kind of Family (Cynthia Bowman ed., 2020).


‘Homosexualization' Revisited: An Audience-Focused Theorization of Wartime Male Sexual Violence, 21 Int’l Feminist J. Politics 409 (2019).